About Additive Fashion

Additive manufacturing/3d printing is on the verge of being the defining production method of the near future.  It is one of the most exciting technological developments with immense potential to transform our very society.  The promise this technology holds could help to address the problems of the current fashion supply chain, and to allow for new avenues of design and self expression. 

Additive Fashion is about fashion that adds to our experience and to the world around us – adding value, adding understanding, and adding opportunities for self-expression and innovation.  In this, Additive Fashion embraces both the ideals of Fashion, and the promise of the 3d printing technology.  Furthermore, Additive Fashion explores a new way to think about not just the manufacturing of apparel, jewelry and accessories, but of how we interact with those items and what role fashion plays in our lives.


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Paulina Perepelkin

Born in Leningrad, raised in Arizona, and currently living in Boston, MA.  I’m a multi-cultural, interdisciplinary independent thinker and dreamer.  I adore fashion, high design, meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship. Learning more about the significant problems plaguing the Fashion Industry lead me to focus on the opportunities I see to improve the business of fashion.  Brand new to blogging, the reason I started Additive Fashion is two fold: first and foremost to document my observations of the field as I wrote my master’s thesis on “Potential impact of 3D Printing upon the Fashion Industry”, and second is to help usher in the 3d printing revolution.  

Having completed an MBA with a focus on Fashion Management and an MS in Operations Management in the fall of ’13, I’m glad to contribute my skills and experience to this topic.   Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have ideas to share, collaborations to propose, or suggestions on improving this blog. 

Full disclosure: I’m an independent writer, and am not paid to support any products.  My posts reflect my genuine thoughts and perspectives.  If i’m writing about any products, it is because I think they are worth writing and knowing about.

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